Sunday, 10 June 2018

Mommy Moments: A Helping Hand

My younger toddler recently discovered the cupboard where I store the juice, leading to a baby lock being put on the cupboard. Unfortunately, my older toddler knows how to open baby locks...

I overhear the following conversation while in the bathroom:

Older Toddler: I will open it for you because you are my brother.


Younger Toddler: Yay! Did it!

Mommy Moments: Lawyer Material

My 3-year-old asks for a chocolate cookie just before supper.

Me: Sorry, no. If you eat a chocolate cookie you won't have any room for supper.

3-Year-Old: But if I eat supper I won't have room for a chocolate cookie!

Me: ...

Me: Touché.

Me: But no.

Mommy Moments: Lunch

Me: What would you like for lunch?

3-Year-Old: I want kombucha and pingpics (pancakes) and pingpic dipdip (maple syrup)!

Me: ...

Friday, 1 June 2018

The Girl From Moab

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting on my blog as much as I used to. There are many things that have been keeping me from writing as much as I'd like, but one of the more exciting reasons is that I have been putting a lot of time into the revisions of my original musical, The Girl From Moab!

This musical was originally written six years ago as a summer project with a co-worker of mine. The original musical was just over an hour long and was very well received by the local audience that came to see it performed. Since then, it has been a dream of mine to expand it into a full-length musical, and that is finally happening!! I have spent the past seven months re-writing the book, and now I am moving onto the music. Many of the original songs are being adapted and re-written, and there are over ten new songs being added!

I'd love for all of you to be just as excited about it as I am, so I am going to be posting updates ever now and then on how the revisions are going. Maybe I will even give you little sneak peaks and inside information about the script!

My next task, complete the score: 1 song down, 22 to go!

Mommy Moments: One of Those Days

Person [texts me]: How is your day going?

Me [thinks]: Well, I'm hiding in my room eating a handful of chocolate chips, so take a guess.

Mommy Moments: Little Salesman

Me: How are your cheerios, Steven?

Toddler: They taste yummy! They taste yummy every day!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Cheerio off the nursery floor.
Holy sacrament.
Placed into cupped hands—
His body given for you.

And the wine now turned to water
Poured out
From the sippy cup that leaks.
Drink it, mommy.

A sacred moment—
Enshrined in the holy of holies
Behind plexiglas windows.
Has anyone been missed?

Cheerio off the nursery floor.
Holy sacrament.